DFW Fiber Fest Wrap Up

I had such a wonderful weekend!  For the first time since...I don't know...before kids maybe?...I had a girl's getaway weekend!  It was so exciting!

My BFF Chrissy and I planned a little weekend retreat to check out DFW Fiber Fest in Irving, TX! We don't live terribly far away (about an hour) so we didn't have to stay overnight...but it was so much fun to anyway.  And she went to all the trouble to procure the hotel--all I had to do was bring her a lovely yarn souvenir from our trip to Colorado and drive us over there--the perfect exchange!

So we got started Saturday morning and drove straight to the convention center to check out the market.  We had made the trip to the same convention center for STITCHES TX last fall and we felt overwhelmed.  Fortunately, Fiber Fest invited about half as many vendors, which was an ideal amount of shop-ortunities.  And it was a really nice mix of large companies, Indie dyers, LYSs, project bag vendors and a few miscellaneous stalls with things like beads, shawl pins, yarn bowls and Kookaburra samples.

We stayed at the market for several hours, and I thought our husbands should be very proud of us--I came away with three skeins, a shawl pin and a project bag, and Chrissy found about the same assortment minus a skein of yarn and plus a fantastic hand thrown coffee mug.  It was much less overwhelming with that number of vendors, but there was still a fantastic variety and so many gorgeous things.  I especially liked the sit-and-knit area set up in the middle and the stitch marker swapping with vendors and shoppers.  How fun!

After we had our fill of shopping we got to go check in to our fabulous hotel, where we had a balcony, some ciders and a few hours of carefree knitting and chatting time.  We had a glorious sushi dinner and then tried to go soak in the hot tub...I wish we had taken our phones down with us so we could have gotten a picture of the hot tub...I mean garden.  They had filled it in with potted plants.  What?  The pool seemed "warm" but after about 15 minutes we were nearly hypothermic so it was back up to the room for more knitting.  And can I say how refreshing it was to sleep for 8 hours with NO interruptions!  None!  Just sleeping.  Yes.  It was wonderful!

Feeling refreshed, we had a nice breakfast at the hotel restaurant the next morning before an impromptu trip to IKEA on the way home.  Which is really nice when you take an adult friend (not your husband) with you and no one under the age of 20 or their retinue of strollers, bags and activities.  Has Ikea stuff gotten nicer?  Or are my standards just lower?  We had so much fun walking through their little apartment set ups, and especially the kitchens!  Oh my!  I think I said about four times "I want a new house now".  Hehe.

So...moral of the story?  Girl's weekend?  Do it!

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