Bluebonnets 2016

I've been wanting to share a few of my favorite photos that we took on a little excursion to my best friend's dad's property a few weeks ago.  If you're not from Texas, you probably don't know about Bluebonnet season.  I certainly didn't before we moved here, but it's definitely a Texan's rite of passage.

In early spring, these gorgeous flowers begin to bloom in big crops all over the roadsides and open fields.  There's a pervasive urban legend that it's illegal to pick them, as they are the state flower of Texas, but I think that was started more to preserve the beautiful fields of them here and there.  There aren't many to be found in the public green spaces in our town, so I was excited to be invited along for a little Bluebonnet photo shoot out in the country.

The field was fantastically green, and the sun was so bright and shining.  It was just a gorgeous day to take some pictures.  Luca was in school, but seeing as how we'd just ordered Spring school pics for him, I thought it was alright to just take Isla by herself.

I think the one about halfway down where she's sticking her tongue out just a little is my favorite!  And of course the last one...but there aren't any bluebonnets in it.  Oh well, it's still a sweet pic! 

Fellow Texans--feel free to share one of your favorite Bluebonnet pics with me in the comments--I'd love to see!  Non-Texans--what's your favorite springtime place for outdoor pics?  Are there any traditions in your locale?  I'd love to hear about them!

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