Cozy Corner


This week’s big project was reworking our master bedroom to contain work space for me.  I have a new desk and computer set up (which I’m sharing about next week) and there was also space for this cozy little corner!  I love the pink wing back chair (although it doesn’t go with any of my “decor” it does recline and is a great place to sit and knit) and the side table is just perfect for stowing the latest wip.  I’ve been working on the third and fourth samples of my new Mother of Invention design simultaneously (yes, I’m partially crazy, but I love to see how all the sizes and options work for my designs).  There only one more small one to do before mid-June–I think I might actually make it in time!

I haven’t settled on a new book to read, so I’ve been using that time to work on writing patterns instead.  Hoping to settle into something soon tho!

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8 comments on “Cozy Corner

  1. I’ve got an Americana Lazyboy chair just like that. It’s nice and narrow, but reclines, which is wonderful when you need your legs up.

  2. That does look cozy! I’m all over the house with my felting and there are bits and bobbins and fluffs of wool in every nook and cranny. My poor family!!! I need to designate a cozy corner like you have for my felting. Have a good weekend!

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