Yarn Along : In the Rain

It's been a pretty rainy spring here in North Texas, and you'll hear no complaints from me...except when I really need to do a quick photo shoot and the heavens open up and the deluge begins.  Let me back up a minute...

I got an email a few weeks ago about an advance Call for Submissions for a book scheduled for Spring 2017, but didn't feel any great yearning to prepare anything for it.  I read it over twice, but no spark, so I archived the email and went on with my life.  Then, Saturday evening, I reread the call on Ravelry and BAM!  The creative urge struck with a vengeance and I had a really big idea.  The only problem tho, friends, is that the deadline was coming up in about 48 hours and I hadn't knit a single stitch!  No big deal you say!  Throw down a swatch and let the ideas speak for themselves!  But...I have a hard time with that.  This really awesome thing was a style of thing I have ever knit before and I wasn't sure what the proportions should be, or how to work the increases and decreases to make it a thing that fits human beings.  I get twitchy about possibly being accepted to knit something that I can't figure out the math for.  I need to *know* that I can in fact create the thing.

Forty-eight hours is enough time, right?  It's only a small thing.  I can do this.  So I sat down with some glorious Woolfolk Tynd yarn in color No 1 and set to work at 8:30pm Saturday. We watched The Martian that night, and I fastidiously worked on my thing...writing down each round as I went so as not to forget.  It grew and grew and I just kept knitting.  I knit all day Sunday (thanks family for putting up with me!) and finished the thing at 8:30pm on the nose Sunday night.  Score!

I texted my model and her mama (my BFF) and set up a photo shoot for the morning to show the thing in all of its glory for the submission.  Isla and I arrived just after 9am, walked in the door, and then the rain came.  Luckily, my friend is a fantastic photographer and a brilliant woman and she suggested we shoot just outside the front door under the awning.  It was perfect!  We all stayed dry.  The light was awesome, and kind of moody.  The whole scene was perfect.  And I got 133 really good pictures (only 1 was fuzzy!  Go me!)

No...not 133 pics of the thing.  Seven pics of the thing.  One hundred twenty six pics of Bowties Samples and the Mother of Invention shawls!  The Bowties Are Cool Companion Collection is already available on Ravelry, but it will be coming to Knit Picks in the next few weeks as 5 individual patterns!  And you'll be able to buy the yarn right there along with it!  The Mother of Invention shawl will release on Ravelry in early to mid June and will be available on Knit Picks around that time as well!  So exciting!

So as not to inundate you in the coming weeks with lots and lots of the same pictures, I'll just drip them out one or two at a time (#seewhatididthere) ;)

Linking up with Ginny for Yarn Along and Nicole for Keep Calm, Craft On.  See you next week!  Stay dry!

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