Luca's Quilt

I might have mentioned...I don't know...last year maybe? that I was making each of my kiddos a special quilt, as part of their Bedroom Makeovers.  Isla's was completed fairly quickly--you can read the reveal post here.  The quilt top for Luca's went together in about a week (such a promising start!) but the project languished as it constantly got pushed aside for more pressing crafts.

After Christmas I realized that it was probably time to give it the attention it deserved to finish it up so he could use it.  He knows I've been making him a quilt, and from time to time he'd ask me if it was finished yet.  And the follow up question was always "Why did you make Isla a quilt and not me?" (which is ludicrous--I've made this child 3 quilts that he insists on sleeping with every night, in addition to the 2 from his grandma!  Don't feel too bad for him--he already has a mountain of quilts).

I chose a simple hand quilting pattern and set to work quilting each of the 90 squares.  I could do about 6 in an evening, so it took quite a while.  By the time I got to the binding, I was just ready to be done.  I don't like to machine quilt (my machine is standard sized and I hate manhandling a queen sized quilt around on it) but I do make my own binding and sew it on with the machine before trimming, turning and doing the final tacking down by hand.  It's my very favorite part of quilting!

Even though I finished in early May, I decided to save it for his birthday at the end of June.  I want it to be a special memory for him.  I typed up a tag, printed it onto iron-on transfer paper and applied it to a coordinating plaque I had made from some scraps.  I carefully stitched it on the back in one of the corners so he will always remember receiving this quilt.

We gave it to him the evening of his birthday, along with a wooden Minecraft chest that Michael constructed for him.  He was quite pleased with his gifts (so much so that 90% of my pics are just blond headed blurs as he was jumping up and down the entire time)  But we did manage to capture a few special memories for posterity.

Happy 6th Birthday Luca!  We love you all the loves! 

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