Yarn Along : Perdrix

This week, I've been working on tidying up and improving one of my all time favorite patterns Perdrix. (Exciting news--it now includes Newborn size!)

(But before we go any further, I have a confession to make.  I look weird in hats.  Can you believe it!  I have never felt comfortable rocking any sort of hat.  Fedora, beanie, toque, sun hat, baseball cap, fascinator...you name it, I can make it look awkward.)  

But not this one.  This one I can wear!  It's got just the right slouch to give off a slight hipster vibe without being obnoxious, and all the cabling allows it to have a snug fit without being uncomfortable.  Depending on the yarn you choose to knit it in, you might not even remember you're wearing it!

The original samples were knit in Knit Picks Galileo yarn (which is totally gorgeous and a nice cool bamboo blend for our hot Texas climates).  But I fell in love with the sparkling skeins of Blue Sky Fibers Metalico at my local yarn shop, The McKinney Knittery, and I knew I had to knit another one.  Who doesn't love a delicately cabled hat that just glows of it's own accord?

I know it's the middle of summer and it's probably sweltering where you are, but wouldn't you love to have a beautiful hat all ready to go on that first crisp Fall day?  (Am I the only one that dreams about that day?  I hope not...it's my favorite day of the year!)  Not to mention having a few Christmas hats all stocked up and ready for gifting.  Instead of furiously knitting away as the holidays draw near, why not have a little stack of these gorgeous hats all ready to go, so you can kick your feet up, enjoy a slice of Thanksgiving pie and rest easy in the knowledge that you planned ahead!

This week, I've really enjoyed carving out some extra time to read.  I'm working on Joe Hill's The Fireman * (which isn't exactly about firemen--it's rather sci-fi) and I'm loving it!  It seems thematically appropriate for our hotter-than-the-surface-of-the-sun temperatures as of late. :)

Linking up with Ginny for Yarn Along and Nicole for Keep Calm, Craft On.  Best wishes!

*Amazon affiliate link--meaning I receive a small percentage of the purchase price should you choose to enjoy this book along with me! Thank you!

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