Just the Sleeves

IMG_6466blogHow is your knitting going this week?  As predicted, once I divided for the armholes on my Pomme de Pin Cardigan things have moved along rather quickly.  I’ve finished the body and seamed the shoulders and neck, so now it’s on to the sleeves… yay, sleeves.  Is my enthusiasm showing?  I would almost prefer them to be knit flat and then seam them rather than magic looping, but oh well.  They’ll probably be more comfortable without the seam (I just predict they’ll just take forever).  But then I’ll have a lovely cardigan to wear all winter!

I will be starting Harry Potter and the Cursed Child* just as soon as my copy arrives (maybe today?)  I’m excited to have more Harry Potter in any form and trying to not be discouraged by some of the reviews I’ve heard so far.

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14 comments on “Just the Sleeves

  1. Hi, Jennie. 🙂 Visiting from Ginny’s blog. Oh, I love the texture in that sweater fabric! I wish I could say differently, but I don’t like to knit sleeves either. I just want to finish them already! I recently tried knitting each sleeve on a 12″ circular with some success…sometimes it challenges my gauge, but I do enjoy knitting this way rather than the magic loop. Best of luck on those sleeves, and hope they fly off the needles for you! 🙂

    • Thanks for the encouragement Lisa! I’ve only ever used a 12″ circ once and I found it made my hands cramp! Maybe it’s time to try it again tho!

  2. I haven’t knitted a cardigan yet, but I can relate in a way, as I am currently knitting my second sock and find I have ‘second sock syndrome’. I love the shade of green you chose. Look forward to seeing it done!

  3. Oh dear. I have put aside a sweater in need of sleeves too. I am hoping to do them with a smaller cable instead of magic loop but needed a little break before I jump in. Wishing you luck!

    • I think I hate DPNs more…I’m so stuck! Thanks for the suggestion tho! The colorway is called Lake Heather (and it’s sadly been discontinued 🙁 The whole line has!)

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