Second Sleeve Syndrome

You guys!  I have second sleeve syndrome so bad right now!  I couldn't even muster up the courage to post a Yarn Along last week...ugh.  I really want this sweater to be done, so I can wear it all over the's just that darned sleeve!

I had such an aversion to knitting it that I started a completely new project just to avoid it.  It only took me about two weeks to knit Mary-Anne Mace's Speckle Tonic design--it was such a nice diversionary tactic!  But now it's back to the sleeve.

In other news, I've submitted a sweater design with colorwork sleeves for a book in the Spring (and will be self-publishing if not accepted) and those sleeves are going to be knit first!  No saving them for last, when your motivation has just run out.  First, I say!  (I'll let you know the verdict on that one next week!)

I've also got some beautiful Cotton Lawn fabric from Spoonflower that I'm turning into a new cuddle blanket for Isla.  She's going to preschool next week (what!) and she's taking her blankie to keep there for naptimes, so a new one is in order.  And I even got all fancy and ordered a wool batting for it!  I've always wanted to, but they're so much more expensive than cotton.  But merino wool--here we come!  I'm probably spoiling myself and will never again be able to use a standard cotton batting...but I think I'm okay with that.

I read Harry Potter and the Cursed Child* in about 36 hours (I really enjoyed it but it was way too short!) so now I'm without a book again... Hopefully something new will jump out at me soon. Hope you're well!  Sorry for the break last week...I just...couldn't.  Stupid sleeves ;)

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