Second Sleeve Syndrome


You guys!  I have second sleeve syndrome so bad right now!  I couldn’t even muster up the courage to post a Yarn Along last week…ugh.  I really want this sweater to be done, so I can wear it all over the place…it’s just that darned sleeve!

I had such an aversion to knitting it that I started a completely new project just to avoid it.  It only took me about two weeks to knit Mary-Anne Mace’s Speckle Tonic design–it was such a nice diversionary tactic!  But now it’s back to the sleeve.

In other news, I’ve submitted a sweater design with colorwork sleeves for a book in the Spring (and will be self-publishing if not accepted) and those sleeves are going to be knit first!  No saving them for last, when your motivation has just run out.  First, I say!  (I’ll let you know the verdict on that one next week!)

I’ve also got some beautiful Cotton Lawn fabric from Spoonflower that I’m turning into a new cuddle blanket for Isla.  She’s going to preschool next week (what!) and she’s taking her blankie to keep there for naptimes, so a new one is in order.  And I even got all fancy and ordered a wool batting for it!  I’ve always wanted to, but they’re so much more expensive than cotton.  But merino wool–here we come!  I’m probably spoiling myself and will never again be able to use a standard cotton batting…but I think I’m okay with that.

I read Harry Potter and the Cursed Child* in about 36 hours (I really enjoyed it but it was way too short!) so now I’m without a book again… Hopefully something new will jump out at me soon.

Hope you’re well!  Sorry for the break last week…I just…couldn’t.  Stupid sleeves 😉

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  1. Stupid sleeves! I totally hate knitting the second sleeve. I feel like they’re easy to swallow when it’s top down though, and they’re already attached to the body. Thinking about reading the Harry Potter . . . but not doing yet. Soon.

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