Sleeve Conqueror

I've done it!  I've finished the second sleeve, sewn them both in, knitted the band and finished blocking my new sweater!  It's still a little steamy here in TX to wear a wool sweater (even a sport weight one) but I promise I'll have modeled pics in a future post :D

The DFW Yarn Crawl is happening right now!  I'm so glad I was able to get my booth set up (thanks Chrissy and Ginger!) and I've been having an awesome time meeting people and talking about knitting!  If you're a local, you haven't missed out yet!  It's going on all week at McKinney Knittery in downtown McKinney, TX--and I'll be there Saturday 11-2 and Sunday 1-5!

That's all for now.  Luca went back to school this week (he's having a great time!) and Isla was supposed to start today, but a little dental accident is delaying things until next week.  I'd be so grateful if you'd say a little prayer for her poor baby teeth!  There's nothing to be done about the one she chipped, but the other was pushed back up into her gums and we're needing it start making a spontaneous descent with in the next 3-4 weeks or they'll have to pull it :(  We grateful for our wonderful dentist--he was so great with her.  At least it's just baby teeth.

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