Beautiful Things

I mentioned in last week's post that things had been a little crazy around here!  (Go check it out if you're interested--it's an entertaining read!)

Yarn Along

I've been taking a bit of a designing break, but that doesn't mean I've taken a knitting break!  It's so refreshing to work from other designers' patterns!  Since the last time I shared my progress for Yarn Along, I've completed Joji Locatelli's Granito (gorgeous!), Annie Lupton's Capsule Tee, Ambah O'Brien's Kallara and a little improvised Hufflepuff Scarf that was a special request from my sister.  I've currently got a Jujuy (also Joji's, shown above) on the needles--just 12 rows left to go today!  It's going to be so cozy and gorgeous in TML (Kitten, Virgo and Dirty Panther colorways) - I can't wait to cuddle up in it! I'll be starting in on The Magnolia Story next week when we fly out to's so hard to save it for the plane!

Linking up with Ginny today for Yarn Along.

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